I am a current MSc Developmental Psychology student at the University of Surrey and Research Assistant at the CDLD. My dissertation is focussed upon the Stability of Sensory Profiles in Williams Syndrome. I also regularly sit on the Mental Health Act Panel for Dorset HealthCare NHS Trust, where I assess whether service users’ detention under the MHA meets legal criteria.


I am the Former Vice President Welfare and Equal Opportunities of the Students’ Union at Bournemouth University. My role included leading the Students’ Union and representing the views of 20,000 students on welfare and equality matters. Ultimately, I aimed to enhance the student experience. Whilst in this role, I volunteered as a Trustee for Dorset Parent Infant Partnership and was awarded a grant to recruit researchers to conduct a Service Evaluation Project.


I completed my degree in psychology at Bournemouth University. My final year project investigated Endophenotypes of Schizophrenia using EEG and eye-tracking. During my studies I worked as research assistant on a wellbeing project and delivered the resulting psychoeducation intervention. Additionally, I worked as a support worker in a secure psychiatric facility and spent time volunteering in Sri Lanka teaching English and enhancing the quality of life for individuals with mental health conditions and learning disabilities.


Contact: qtnvbp1@ucl.ac.uk




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