My research interests focus on how mathematical abilities develop in typical and atypical population, especially in my PhD I am assessing number abilities in individuals with Autism. I recently took part in a workshop on Numerical Cognition in Tübingen where I presented my PhD project. I am also in the process of writing a review paper about the empirical studies that analyzed mathematical abilities in the ASD population so far. The review highlights the gaps and the inconsistencies in literature and shows that it is still unclear if and how mathematics is a savant skill for individuals with ASD.

During the last year I have been working as research assistant on a project that investigates preschoolers' number foundations in typical population and this experience has had a great influence on my career development.

My PhD: Number abilities in individuals with autism


In my PhD I am examining the individual differences and development of mathematical abilities in individuals with autism.

1) A better understanding of what causes mathematical difficulties in children with ASD will allow us to design effective educational tools and programs for young children, which is crucial as a growing number of children with ASD attends mainstream schools.

2) Enhanced mathematical abilities mean better employment opportunities and the prospect of greater independence for individuals with ASD.

3) Changing the preconception that individuals with ASD have superior mathematical abilities will lead to fairer expectations from society towards the ASD population.

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